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Air Hub, LLC assists city planners, NEPA coordinators, and airport managers determine if there is an adverse effect to the noise environment by preparing noise impact assessments and noise exposure maps. Densely populated urban development and community involvement in public projects is causing noise to become of greater concern for many transportation projects. A Noise Impact Assessment can be conducted to predict the impact of a project to the local community including residential areas and sensitive receptors. The assessments can also be used to develop noise abatement strategies. Transportation Project Managers may feel confident with the knowledge that Air Hub personnel have an extensive knowledge of modeling requirements. Because computer modeling is our specialty, we are able to stay up to date on available models and accomplish complex modeling scenarios. Enlist Air Hub to your team and save your company the cost of labor, training, and software; Enlist Air Hub to your client’s team and save them the costs of wasted time, ineffective noise barriers, and unnecessary litigation.

Highway Noise Impact Assessment 
Prior to highway construction/ widening Federal Highway Administration (FHWA) requires that noise to be modeled in order to project potential noise impacts on surrounding populations. Air Hub uses Traffic Noise Model (TNM) software incorporating the following site specific data such as lane configuration, traffic volume, traffic mix, and terrain data.

Highway Noise Impact Assessments use field measurement sound level data to validate the model for the existing scenario. If impacted receptors are identified, TNM is used to conduct a noise barrier analysis. 

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