Air Hub LLC, environmental inspection services are designed to help your construction project achieve, maintain, and document environmental compliance. We provide construction management and inspection services for your infrastructure projects to minimize costs, maintain schedules, reduce risk, and ensure quality results. We have full-time Inspectors who offer the professional experience to assist your project through all construction phases, including pre-construction environmental field surveys, right-of-way building, active construction, post-construction restoration, and vegetative growth oversight for compliance and residential quality. Our WECS, CESSWI and CPESC certified inspectors are adept and knowledgeable with federal, state, and local environmental permits, as well as the standards and guidelines needed to keep your project moving forward and in compliance with changing environmental regulations.

Our inspectors work with utility companies, oil and gas companies, and landowners on stationary construction and linear utility projects to help build their environmental compliance programs in the field. With a focus on stormwater runoff protection and U.S. Army Corps of Engineers’ wetland and stream impact best management practices, our staff can bridge the gap between designers, planners, managers, and field crews by understanding the requirements of the permits at the planning stage and translating the regulations to ensure field personnel understands what they must do to stay in compliance. We also identify potential compliance issues and help the design/planning/management team proactively find solutions and develop protocols. We also provide the team with the information they need to properly dispose of any generated construction and demolition debris.

Common duties and responsibilities of Air Hub LLC Inspectors/Specialists are:

  • Providing planning stage environmental field surveys and structural Best Management Practice (BMP) estimations
  • Understanding, implementing, maintaining, and enforcing procedures and mitigation measures listed in the environmental and construction documents and permits
  • Providing environmental training for all project personnel as needed
  • Conducting the necessary Storm Water Pollution Prevention Plan (SWPPP) inspections and developing documentation and amendments
  • Inspector’s daily report preparation
  • Erosion and sediment control inspection
  • Spot checking the field environmental reviews (design) to provide audit function and a second professional opinion
  • Providing guidance during construction near or within the boundaries of wetlands, streams, and other environmentally/culturally sensitive areas and habitats
  • Developing and submitting construction-related variance requests
  • Environment Inspection Services
  • Design review and evaluation
  • Assistance with public outreach
  • Evaluating the construction contractor’s implementation of BMPs and environmental mitigation measures required in the contract and other authorizing documents
  • Ordering or recommending the corrective actions needed to resolve non-compliance issues
  • Pay items approval
  • Materials inspection and tracking
  • Documenting compliance with the conditions of any environmental permit required by federal, state, and local agencies
  • Coordinating all environmental field inspections by federal, state, and local agencies
  • Cost and quality control
  • Maintaining daily and weekly status reports and providing these reports to the project manager and/or agency officials if requested
  • Providing post-construction restoration inspections, reports, and mitigation support
  • Punch list preparation
  • Construction close out